We offer the following services:

  1. Property valuation
  2. Residential sales
  3. Residential lettings
  4. Commercial agency

Property valuation

We provide valuations for all property types including offices, retail, industrial, residential & land.

As professional Chartered Surveyors we are bound by best practice through the Society of Chartered Surveyors (SCSI) here in Ireland and through the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) on an international level. All our valuations are carried out to ‘Red Book’ standard. The Red Book is a world wide recognised professional standards valuation manual issued by the RICS which contains mandatory rules, best practice guidance and related commentary. You can be assured that all our valuations will carried out to the highest level.

Samples of our valuation services, which are not exhaustive, are as follows:

  • Mortgage Valuations
  • Commercial Valuations (Retail, Office & Industrial)
  • Valuations for Acquisition Purposes
  • Leasehold Valuations
  • Asset Valuation for Tax Purposes (Probate, Stamp Duty, Transfer)
  • Residential Insurance Valuations

The Irish Independent has published the article “Why property values should comply with international standards” (read online or download the PDF)


Residential sales

The bottom line is…we SELL property and for the BEST PRICE for our clients. Ask any of our previous clients. Warren has over 15 years experience selling residential property of all types and knows exactly what it takes to achieve a successful sale.

We can recommend the best method of selling your property which can be Private Treaty, Public Auction or Private Tender.


  1. Public Auction.
  2. Public Tender.
  3. Private Treaty.

Public Auction:

The advantage of a Public Auction is that it sets a definite time within which interested parties must view the property, have their solicitors approve the title and make the necessary arrangements regarding finance. It is necessary to quote an advised open marketed value in advance of an auction. Bids received in the auction room are binding and once accepted by auctioneer, contracts are exchanged immediately and a deposit is paid. Competitive bidding in the auction room can often generate a bonus over the expected price level.

Public Tender:

Public Tender has many of the advantages of an auction. It introduces competition and sets a definite time frame for marketing the property and receiving tenders. Tender, by its nature, is confidential in the level of the bids received, or indeed whether there were any, is not disclosed. The vendor has a reasonable time to consider offers and decide whether they wish to accept the highest, or indeed any bid. Tender can be unpopular with prospective purchasers because of this privacy and it is felt, sometimes with justification, that the process is open to manipulation after the tenders have been submitted. Tender is most useful for specialist property, for those instances. Where different individuals may have widely varying views on value of the property or there may be a limited pool of purchasers or indeed a special purchaser, such as adjoining owners.

Private Treaty:

In the case of a Private Treaty sale, it is necessary to quote a price at the outset. The level must be high enough for the inevitable bargaining but not too high to put off interested parties altogether. The parties invariably concentrate on the price initially and only when it is agreed do they focus on the other terms of the contract, which may be of equal importance. It invariably takes longer to conclude a sale although with careful management, delays can be kept to an acceptable level. Private treaty as a method of marketing is used when it is felt that there is unlikely to be sufficient number of interested parties at one time that would bid competitively and thereby justify the costs of a sale by auction.


Residential lettings

You need a letting agent who knows the local market better than anyone and who will invest the time and energy into getting the correct tenant for your property. A good letting agent understands how to find the kind of tenants who will treat your property as if it were their own, and who will help you navigate the multitude of responsibilities that go with being a landlord in today’s current market.

Whether you are an investor or you are renting out your home, our focus is on delivering a seamless service that starts the moment you pick up the phone to request an appraisal of your property.


Commercial agency

Our commercial agency offers forward planning, appraisals and marketing support to ensure optimum efficiency and maximum returns in retail, office, industrial and development property transactions. To view our lists of property, click on the relevant link above. If you do not find what you are looking for please contact us and we will search the market on your behalf.