Rising house prices lift thousands out of negative equity

Posted on 21 December 2017

The number of homes in negative equity is just a quarter of what it was at the end of the crash – but that still amounts to nearly one in 10 of all mortgages, which is high by international standards. According to figures from the Central Bank, negative-equity loans accounted for just 9.6 per cent […]

Ease housing crisis with emergency Vat cut

Posted on 21 December 2017

The Government should introduce an emergency Vat cut for apartment builders as a way to solve the housing crisis in Kilkenny, according to Construction Industry Federation (CIF) ceo Tom Parlon. Introducing a Vat cut for new houses & apartment blocks for a time-limited basis of two to three years would immediately knock as much as […]

Property year in review: freefall continues with soaring prices and too few houses

Posted on 13 December 2017

Despite all the bluster and hype around addressing the “property crisis” double-digit property price growth remains on the cards for 2018, though the flow of new homes will increase from a trickle A year further along in our so-called “economic recovery” and the property market remains dysfunctional. It’s an indictment of measures taken – or […]

Central Bank squeezes large-loan access for second-time buyers

Posted on 10 December 2017

Regulator opts for status quo and moves to retain most rules The Central Bank has moved to tighten second-time home buyers’ access to large loans as house prices continue to rebound at pace from the financial crisis. The regulator decided on Tuesday to retain most elements of existing mortgage-cap rules, though it tweaked a measure […]

New guidelines rule out rent hikes for painting and decorating

Posted on 28 November 2017

Landlords in a Rent Pressure Zone (RPZ) cannot hike rents above prescribed thresholds after performing basic maintenance such as painting or appliance replacement, new guidelines have clarified. Under the law, owners of properties in RPZ areas in counties such as Dublin, Kildare and Cork can only raise the rent by a maximum of four per […]

Revenue clarifies commercial property stamp duty moves

Posted on 31 October 2017

The Revenue Commissioners has clarified how commercial property buyers who agreed to buy a property before October 11th can avail of the old lower rate of stamp duty. Budget 2018 introduced a new, higher rate of stamp duty of 6 per cent; and, as noted in the Finance Bill 2017, published on October 19th, this […]

I don’t have the deeds. Can the Land Registry prove title on my house?

Posted on 25 October 2017

My title deeds have gone missing. My solicitor tells me that the folio number (which I have) in the Land Registry is all I need to prove title. Is this correct? Yes – and no. It depends. If all you want is confirmation that you own the property then, yes, the folio will confirm ownership. […]

More Cash for New Homes as Government sets out ‘priority’

Posted on 19 October 2017

A €750M fund for builders, an ­ additional €75m to open up sites for residential development, and 3,800 new social homes in 2018 are among the main housing measures announced in Budget 2018. The Department of Housing will spend more than €1.8bn next year through building, buying and leasing properties, with the budget for Housing […]

Reprieve for ‘Help-to-Buy’ scheme on cards after backing

Posted on 3 October 2017

Moves by Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy to scrap the ‘Help-to-Buy’ scheme may be in doubt after the State-backed lender charged with ramping up house building endorsed the policy. It provides tax breaks of up to €20,000 for first-time home buyers. Last year’s loosening of Central Bank mortgage rules and the launch of Help-to-Buy gave builders […]